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Published by: Ray Ramos on 27-Jan-23
Worldprofit's Super Funnel Builder

Worldprofit's Super Funnel Builder allows you to easily convert any Affiliate Marketing or Product Page and convert to an Ebook.

Ebooks are very popular and an effective method to generate leads.

What our Super Funnel Builder does:

  • creates an Ebook from any Affiliate Marketing page
  • automatically integrates your affiliate links into the Ebook
  • instantly converts Ebook to PDF
  • automatically creates a sign up page for the Ebook
  • automatically sends email with download link for the Ebook
  • automatically sends Welcome letter to Worldprofiti's free Associate membership 
  • includes option to integrate with Autoresponder
  • integrates seamlessly with Worldprofit's CB Promo Kit, Landing Page Builder and Ebook Cover Creator 

How you Benefit  

  • Generates leads for your Affiliate marketing programs
  • Generates Worldprofit Associates 
  • Builds your List and /  or Autoresponder List

No limits:  

  • create as many Super Funnels as you like
  • Perfect for any Affiliate program or product including:  ClickBank, Digistore, Amazon, Share a Sale, and of course Worldprofit

Access: Super Funnel Builder located on LEFT MENU under MONEY MAKERS and also under WEBSITE MANAGEMENT


Yours In Success,
George Kosch Capt (ret'd) CEO & CoFounder